Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will nominate all officers that are to be elected at the annual membership meeting, include the number of additional Vice-Presidents as may be directed by the Executive Committee. It will also nominate the six Regular or Associate Members to serve on the Executives Committee. This committee will consist of the five immediate past Presidents, with the Chairman to be the most immediate past President. It will nominate all officers and members of the Executive Committee may also be made by any Regular or Associate Member from the floor at the annual meeting.

Committee Members

Steven D. Frattare Cornerstone Claim Service, Inc. Learn More »
Stephen G. Ciurczak CPCU ​Fort Orange Claims Unlimited Services Learn More »
John Kiernan McLarens Learn More »
Richard G. Winne ​Van Kleeck-Winne Adjusters, Inc. Learn More »
Michael Nardulli ​Independent Adjustment Co. Learn More »
Christopher Weber ​Frontier Claim Service Learn More »
Richard J. Umbach Cardinal Claim Service Inc. Learn More »