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On July 11, 1940, the New York Association of Independent Adjusters, Inc. was founded. The NYAIAI is currently one of the oldest and most effective insurance associations in the United States, with more than 65 firms with 80 offices, representing over 160 members. The Association has grown into a positive, powerful force within the insurance industry. Under the NYAIAI constitution, the Executive Committee consists of members representing several fields including: Fire, Casualty, Inland Marine and Automotive. We hold regular regional meetings, within the State, to support and promote our statewide insurance industry concerns.

The membership shall include: “REGULAR”, “ASSOCIATE”, “PROVISIONAL”, “HONORARY”, AND “LIFE” members as defined below, and excepting “HONORARY” AND “LIFE” members, shall be limited to holders in good standing of an independent adjuster’s license issued pursuant to Section 123 of the New York State Insurance Law.

Regular Membership – shall be limited to persons, partnerships, or corporations, with offices in the State of New York engaged in a business devoted primarily to independent adjusting for a period of not less than three years.

Associate Membership – shall be limited to persons who have a minimum of two years of experience in adjusting who are employees of a regular member.

Provisional Membership – may be granted to a person with at least five years of experience in adjusting who would quality for regular membership but for the fact that he/she has not been in the business of independent adjusting for a period of three years.

Honorary Membership – may be accorded by the Executive Committee to a past member or any other person who has performed exceptionally distinguished service in the interests of the Association. Honorary members may attend meetings and participate in discussions but may not vote. No dues or assessments shall be required of Honorary Members.

Life Membership – A former member of the Association who is no longer engaged in, or associated with the insurance industry in any capacity, but would otherwise
meet all membership requirements may be accorded a Life Membership by the Executive Committee on such terms and under such conditions as may be established by the Executive Committee. No dues or assessments shall be required of Life Members. A Life Member shall receive copies of the publications and directories issued by the Association and may attend meetings but may not vote.

Notwithstanding anything here and before provided, no person or firm shall qualify for membership if engaged in or connected with, directly or indirectly, any business which may be in conflict of interest with that of an independent adjuster.

Voting – Voting shall be limited to Regular Members only, and each such member whether individual, partnership, or corporation, shall be limited to one vote. The Regular member may further designate an individual within his/her firm to be the voting member.

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