The President is be in charge of the affairs of the Association and presides at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee. The President will appoint the Chairman and Members of all Committees, except the Executive Committee and Advisory Committee.

The Vice President will act in case of disability of the President and on such other occasions as the President may request. The Vice-President will perform specific duties designated by the Executive Committee.

The Secretary/Treasurer will review minutes of Executive and General Membership meetings, assist in preparation of agendas for each meeting, assist in dues and assessment collection, and review Teasurer’s Report for distribution at each Executive Committee Meeting.

Each officer, in addition to their specific duties will perform such duties and have such powers as are usual and incidental to his/her office.


Geoffrey LaMarche
​LaMarche Associates, Inc.

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Vice-President & Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Erhardt
​Erhardt Adjustment Co., Inc.

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West Regional Vice President

Matthew Sherman
Fort Orange Claim Services, Inc.

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East Regional Vice President

Edward R. Reilly, IV
Edward R. Reilly & Co., Inc.

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