Liaison Committee

The NYAIAI has a Liaison Committee that consists of Insurance Company Executives and NYAIAI Members. We have discussions throughout the year on different topics and concerns regarding the handling of Insurance Claims. These round table meetings prove to be most valuable in ascertaining the needs, concerns and objectives of the insurance companies and also we Learn how we are performing as a group. We are constantly concerned with changes in the industry. We welcome and encourage the NYAIAI Members, Executive and Advisory Committees and Officers to attend and participate. We believe that these meetings, with our clients, are of great importance to the NYAIAI.

NYAIAI Members

  • Kimberlee Blake LaBell with Blake Adjusters, Inc. 
  • Margaret A. Reilly with Edward R. Reilly & Co., Inc.  
  • Stephen Ciurczak with Fort Orange Claim Unlimited Services
  • John Kiernan with Independent Adjustment Co.
  • Richard J. Winne with Van Kleeck-Winne Adjusters, Inc.
  • Michael Nardulli with Independent Adjustment Co.
  • Richard J. Umbach with Cardinal Claim Service, Inc.
  • Todd D. Mahoney with E. E. Mahoney & Company
  • Erik Himelein with Cardinal Claim Service, Inc.
  • Charles J. Reilly Jr., with Edward R. Reilly & Co., Inc.

Insurance Company Members

  • Thomas R. Ball, Vice-President with Finger Lakes Fire and Casualty Company
  • Samuel J. Crisalli, Vice-President & Claim Manager with Dryden Mutual Insurance Company
  • Ronald Falcone, CPCU Claim Manager, NYSIR, AVP with Wright Risk Management
  • George Hanslmaier, Field Business Unit Manager Property & Commercial Claims with NYCM Insurance Company
  • Thomas Wronski, President with United Frontier Mutual Insurance Company
  • Marshall J. Hancock, EVP & VP of Claims with Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company