The emblem, adopted by the New York Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters, Inc., is based on British Heraldry.

Heraldry, which was a method of identifying the heralds of messengers, goes back to the year 1400, which approximates the founding of the adjusting profession in the British Isles.

As such, the emblem is designed to indicate the qualities of the person, clan or firm which adopts it.

In the emblem of the NYAIAI, the eagle represents strength of purpose, freedom and fairness. The circles or amulets on the shield, symbolize friendship, and the hand – faith, justice and friendship.

The NYAIAI adopted the emblem in 1957, but its members have been living by its precepts throughout their business careers. The organization of the NYAIAI in 1940 was designed to foster professionalism, expertise, quality, integrity and service in the independent insurance adjusting profession.